Erick Johnson

Interview with Erick Johnson in the Boston Voyager


"I’ve been making art as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to have a mother who was a potter and a sibling who is also an artist, so I grew up in a creative, encouraging environment.

I was born in San Francisco and soon after my family moved to Los Angeles. I remember the light in LA and the saturated color especially.

I went to art school in New York and was exposed to some great artists and their ideas. It was a wonderful experience to be a young artist learning from older generations.

My development was deliberate since I felt I had to paint my way through problems. It was necessary to paint or draw it and see it in the world before I could move on. I’m glad that was the case although it took years..."

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Erick Johnson's "(Inside) Out" reviewed in The Washington Post

“Although blurred and scraped, the recurring shapes in Erick Johnson’s brightly hued abstractions are essentially regular. The New York painter calls them “calligraphic parallelograms,” which is evocative, if not literally accurate. Where calligraphy is drawn spontaneously, Johnson methodically applies pigment, partly removes it and then adds more. This yields streaked and layered forms, and results in such serene yet active pictures as “(Inside) Out,” which provides the title of the artist’s Gallery Neptune & Brown exhibition.”

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