Joseph Keiffer reviewed in the Washington Post

by Mark Jenkins
December 14th, 2018

Joseph Keiffer. "New York Typewriter," 2017, oil on canvas. (Joseph Keiffer/Gallery Neptune & Brown)

Joseph Keiffer. "New York Typewriter," 2017, oil on canvas. (Joseph Keiffer/Gallery Neptune & Brown)

“Nothing is too small, or too immaterial, to elude Joseph Keiffer’s eye. There are landscapes in the realist painter’s show at Gallery Neptune & Brown, “Traveling Light,” but more common are still lifes: a plate of gummy candy, playfully teetering stacks of cups and small teapots, a typewriter scrolled with a sheet of paper that contains the artist’s signature. These recently made pictures tend to be modest in scale and subject, but with a grand intent: “to convey a sense of being there,” according to Keiffer’s remarks. The show’s title has a double meaning. It refers to the artist’s frequent travels to Manhattan, Maine and Upstate New York, where he paints on location. It also alludes to Keiffer’s mastery of natural light, whether distilled into a glowing moon in a midnight-blue sky or diffused as in a picture that depicts a room with a door opened, as though to beckon sunbeams in. Only one of these pictures features any people, but all of them are testaments to human vision.”

Interview with Erick Johnson in the Boston Voyager


"I’ve been making art as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to have a mother who was a potter and a sibling who is also an artist, so I grew up in a creative, encouraging environment.

I was born in San Francisco and soon after my family moved to Los Angeles. I remember the light in LA and the saturated color especially.

I went to art school in New York and was exposed to some great artists and their ideas. It was a wonderful experience to be a young artist learning from older generations.

My development was deliberate since I felt I had to paint my way through problems. It was necessary to paint or draw it and see it in the world before I could move on. I’m glad that was the case although it took years..."

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