The Washington Post reviews Michael Craig-Martin at gallery neptune & brown

“A longtime Londoner who spent much of his childhood in Washington, Michael Craig-Martin is probably best known for “An Oak Tree,” a 1973 conceptual work that doesn’t actually feature an oak tree. The screen prints in Gallery Neptune & Brown’s “Quotidian: Recent Editions” are rather more literal. These coloring-book-style renderings — sometimes filled in with bright, simple hues — depict everyday items with the precision of technical drawings. No ambiguity, of either technique or interpretation, is permitted.”

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In the galleries: David X Levine uses pencils to put a new spin on an Old Master

“For centuries, artists either devoutly emulated or defiantly rejected the work of their predecessors. Contemporary artists such as David X Levine take a subtler approach, gleaning from Old Masters to make work those forerunners would struggle to recognize. Giotto would probably be mystified by “Painting With Pencils,” Levine’s show at Gallery Neptune and Brown. But it features a set of large drawings based on one of the proto-Renaissance painter’s masterpieces, the interior of Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel.”

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The Washington Post reviews Cianne Fragione

The Washington Post reviews  Cianne Fragione

“A second-generation Italian American inspired by a sojourn in southern Italy, Cianne Fragione makes mixed-media abstractions that seem to contain bits of the old country. The layered, heavily worked surfaces give an archaeological vibe to the pictures in Gallery Neptune & Brown’s ‘Dancing the Tarantella.’”

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Linn Meyers Artist Talk Tonight @ the Hirshhorn May, 25th 6:30pm

Don't miss Linn Meyer's speak on her current exhibit at the Hirshhorn, "Our View from Here." The artist talk is tonight at 6:30pm doors open at 6:00pm.

"Our View from Here" is an installation located on the Hirshhorn's 2nd level and spans all 2,400 square feet of the inner-circle galleries. It will be on view to the public until May 14, 2017.